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RTD operates as a public transportation system in a seven-county service area, which includes all of Boulder, Broomfield, Denver and Jefferson Counties, and parts of Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. Service area population - 2.3 million

  • Cities and towns served - 38 municipalities in seven counties plus two city/county jurisdictions
  • Square miles in service area - 2,410
  • Weekday scheduled miles - 161,488
  • Annual regular service miles operated - 47,000,000 (2002 est.)(includes LRT)
  • Active bus stops- 10,348
  • Park-n-Ride facilities - 67
  • Total number of regular fixed routes - 174
  • Light Rail

The Denver Regional Transportation District operates a 15.8-mile light rail system. The main line runs from Littleton in the southwest to downtown Denver, where it splits at Auraria into a branch to the Five Points area northeast of downtown, and a branch along the Platte River valley to Union Station. South of downtown Denver, the line operates on private right of way alongside the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks. In downtown Denver, the line runs in the curb lane of Stout and California Streets, which are one-way southbound and northbound. Construction is now under way on the Southeast Corridor extension, which will branch from the existing line at I-25 & Broadway and run along I-25 and I-225. Completion is scheduled for 2006.

By 2006, in the southeast metro Denver area, you'll have light rail transit and numerous highway improvements to make your travel easier.

  • Denver International Airport: - Denver International Airport (DIA or code DEN) is the sixth largest airport in the United States, and the tenth largest airport in the world. DIA is much more than the Denver Metro Area's airport: Customers drive to DIA from parts of eight states! The unique tent-like design of the airport makes it instantly recognizable.

SIZE: 53 square miles, largest U.S. public works project, three stories, 1.5 million square feet, 126-foot central atrium.

TENT: $37 million, 15-acre tent roof held up by 34 masts, supported on 10 miles of steel cable, 30,000 clamps.

AIRLINES: Nineteen airlines, with United Airlines accounting for about 65% of the traffic.

FLIGHTS: About 1,300 flights and 88,000 passengers a day.

EFFICIENCY: World's only airport designed to accomodate three streams of aircraft simultaneously in bad weather.

CONTROL TOWER: The tallest in the U.S. at 327 feet, giving controllers unequaled views of aircraft and weather.

GROUND GUIDANCE: A lighting system built into runways and taxiways guides pilots to their concourse gates, helping to eliminate pilot confusion on the ground.

SECURITY: More than 750 closed-circuit TV cameras monitor airport premises.

TRAIN SYSTEM: $84 million underground rail between terminal and three concourses.

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